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In 1973, Ray Henry (left) purchased the Boston Water Pump Co. from Johnny Boston.  Don Henry, Ray's son, offered to help his dad out and learned the business inside out.  He loved Agua Dulce and soon married Laurie Madigan, a hometown girl and started a family.  After more than 40 years they are still in Agua Dulce providing a valuable and essential service for its residents.  Don, Laurie, and sons Justin and Matt keep busy installing and maintaining water pump systems they design specifically for each property, as the water table in Agua Dulce is as complex as its geography.  The Henry family are all active in the community. Don is president of the Town Council while Laurie volunteers for many service organizations.  In 2011, the Henrys were voted and honored as "Family of the Year".  The Henrys are also active with church activities at Grace Baptist Church, enjoy many family trips and Laurie has always been an active horsewoman.  Don and Laurie are lifetime Agua Dulce residents and both are devoted grandparents to their 9 (amazing) grandkids. 

Don & Laurie Henry
 Family of the Year 2011

Boston Henry 1973

Boston Henry 2013


Growing up in Agua Dulce